Factory Technologies is a young company with a fast growing that is located in Fortaleza, Brazil. Our main goal is create smart solutions to your business. We provide to our customers innovative solutions that aggregate value to the business. We develop solutions using the newest technologies available in the market and modern software development techniques.

The company arose from the desire of its founders to create a modern enterprise which has as its core values creativity, competitiveness and commitment. In an extremely competitive market the company went ahead in creating solutions in different technologies such as RFID (radio frequency identification), Cloud Computing, integration with social networks, among other modern technologies. Our main motivation is to create products that meet the expectations of our customers and are always ahead of the market.

In February 2010 the company became a partner across Microsoft’s invitation to take part of the Microsoft BizSpark. Through this new business partnership emerged the first international project conducted with the Danish company Cogent-Media (EOGamer ApS).

We are commited ourselves to the quality of our products and solutions developed, so we can constantly improve our services. We have a qualified team, with the best professionals in several areas. A few certifications our team has are the following: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Application Development, Developing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual C + + 6.0, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML (IBM), Microsoft Technology Associate.

Some areas of competence in which the company develops solutions, the following stand out: Administrative, Sales, Finance, Logistics and Distribution, Systems Integration, Real-Time Systems, Social Media, among others.

Our mission is: “To provide modern software solutions, with quality that meets the expectations of our customers and add value to your business. Collaborate with the growth of our partners. Become a reference nationally.”

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