Learn more about the services offered by our company. How can we help you?

Factory Technologies provides quality services according the needs of your business. Within the services we provide, the following are the most popular:

CRM Services: The relationship with customers (Customer Relationship Management) is a key part of every business. The ability to manage this relationship, map opportunities, lead and manage the sales pipeline coupled with marketing campaigns, focus on right opportunities to close deals faster and exceed their goals in addition to satisfying its customers through relevant services are required to manage growing companies. Factory Technologies provides consulting, implementation, customization and integration with Microsoft Dynamics platform. Among the models we offer, the Cloud CRM and Microsoft CRM Online are the ones that stand out, reducing acquisition costs, availability, licensing and maintenance, allowing our customers to derive the full benefits of the tool with a low investment. To meet the quality demands of our customers, we provide a highly qualified team that is responsible for reviewing and guiding every step of the adoption, customization and integration of the platform.

Cloud Computing Services: We provide specialized development services for cloud computing. Using this model of development, we provide our customers a significant reduction in development costs of the solution, reducing the cost of IT Infrastructure while increasing reliability and scalability of the solutions developed, with new partnership models. For this service model we take responsibility for maintaining the solution, infrastructure and leave our clients free to focus their efforts in business.

Custom Software Development (Software House): Develop systems that meet the requirements and expectations of our customers is a key concept for us. Factory Technologies provides software factory service for the development of customized solutions. We use the latest technologies to deliver innovative solutions that ensure the satisfaction of our customers as well as meet requirements of local and global market. Among the technologies we use, the following stand out: Microsoft. NET, Microsoft Windows Azure Platform, Windows Phone 7, Silverlight.

Outsourcing: The advantages of our model of outsourcing includes reduced operating costs, access to the newest and modern technologies, highly trained and skilled professionals with experience and qualifications to analyze, develop and implement solutions to provide our customers productivity gains and more time to take care of your business strategy.

Specialized consulting: We provide a specialized consulting service, focused on improving and bringing good results for our IT customers, thus improving business results. Our professionals are trained to analyze the problem, develop a plan of action and execute it in order to maintain the budget and achieve positive results. Our consultancy specializes in Management and Software Development.

Team Training: We provide customized training for development teams of our clients, the workouts are geared toward the needs of the business and allow teams to begin using and applying new and modern technologies that can add value to the business.

Certification Preparation: We provide personalized training focused on development certifications based on Microsoft Training Kits. Our instructors are certified professionals with many years working in the Microsoft technical community. Feel free to contact us. We are available to answer any question.